Monday, July 28, 2008

CBH Video #2 - Shannon Smith (RSS Feed)

Here's the second episode of the CBH Video Indie Spotlight, presented in RSS for all you completists out there. The spotlight is on Shannon Smith, from shannon smith dot net. Enjoy, everyone, enjoy!
Hey, how else are you going to get it from iTunes? Click here to download the file....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Video Episode #1: Instant Viewing Version

CBH Indie Video Spotlight #1: Rashy Rabbit #4 from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.
Since we're currently uploading all of our video content to Vimeo, why not instantly enjoy the first Indie Video Spotlight, featuring none other than Josh Latta and that wascally wabbit, Rashy Rabbit? Scroll down below for a downloadable version. You can actually just download it from Vimeo, too, but we'd prefer if you get it here instead. Peace!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Video Podcast #2: Shannon Smith

Comic Book Haters Indie Spotlight: Shannon Smith from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.
Here it is, the second fantabulous episode of the Comic Book Haters' Video Indie Spotlight! Shannon Smith is given the 'up close and personal' treatment by DJ Sloofus, Schooly G, and Umbrellaman. Smith creates stories in the ever-popular "Minicomix" format. Ain't that just grand? The program is presented from glorious Vimeo, so you have to watch it right here, on this very screen! Isn't that all kitschy and shit? Don't worry, fellow RSS fans, an iPod friendly, downloadable version will follow shortly. Visit for more comics and information.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

CBH Crew Gains Further Mileage from Clip Clip

The Comic Book Haters - Commercial #1 from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.

INTERNET, USA: In a daring maneuver,* the Comic Book Haters podcast recently leapt into the realm of vidcast, with their very first Video Podcast. The episode was recognized across the land as a "thing of beauty," and won several lifetime achievement placards. Before that debut episode, however, a video commercial was produced. Two were, in fact. Unfortunately, cruel Mother Time has crashed her stern lash at the tired hand of history, leaving exact dates and statistics impossible to locate. What better time, then, for the CBH crew to test out their new Vimeo account? Feedback Question: Should the CBH remain the same, or change.... drastically?
*apologies to our more sensitive viewers for the unwarranted 'Frenchism'

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The CBH Summer Concert Series #1: The Baconstrip Three

The Comic Book Haters are on summer vacation this week! Don't fear, dear subscribers; the fun never stops, even when DJ Sloofus, Schooly and Umbrellaman are out of town! To mix business with treasure, the CBH crew have afforded this space to live musical recordings from members of their continually-static reaching audience. For your haurrible listening pleasure, please donate your earspaces to the live sounds of the Baconstrip 3, Southern New Jersey's finest space-garage combo. This concert is the first in a projected series (though not realistically projected, mind you) and was recorded live at the Grande Fromage in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This evening finds the quartet in a relaxed, melotropic mindset. Though the set is comprised primarily of original material, several standards are also featured, including 'Mack the Knife,' 'You Are So Beautiful,' and 'Tomorrow Never Knows.' Enjoy the show, rabid music fans! Delete, lesser-enthused music fans! If you have a recent recording of your band's performance, please email it to us for a future episode.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Episode CXLIII- Uh, Captain? Rise Up and Hear the Bells, Asshole.

Join the CBH crew as they discuss Captain America, issues 1-5, by a guy named Kirby Something-or-other and some other guy.

Also in this episode: an announcement of national impotence. Or importance. Whatever. Just click here to get the damn episode.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Video Podcast #1: Rashy Rabbit

The Comic Book Haters are celebrating the Fourth of July in grand style, with the debut of their live-action Video Podcast. For the first time ever, on the very-small screen, see DJ Sloofus, Schooly G, and Umbrellaman review an actual comic book. The comic in question is Josh Latta's anthropomorphic sensation, "Rashy Rabbit." Latta has been creating Rashy stories for several years now, all of which are worthy of wider attention. Self-publishers who would like to be featured on future episodes of the CBH Video Podcast need only contact the administrators of this website for details.
A stern word of warning should be administered, however, due to the graphic nature of these three individuals. Though the dialogue and word choice leave much to be desired, the video accompaniment exceeds all bounds of good taste. Click here to watch it, fellow vision afficianadoes! Note: this file is designed to be viewed on iTunes or Quicktime, but most video players should work. If it doesn't work on the one you've chosen (or you only can hear it, with no video), try another one!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Episode CXLII - The Three Minute Hate

This week on the Comic Book Haters podcast, a special guest segment parlays itself through your soundholes.
With the impending Fourth of July fast upon us, what better time would surface to herald a look back at that concept which made the CBH crew a household surname: the Three Minute Hate?
The rules are easy. Hate for three minutes. Record yourself doing it. Not necessarily in that order. Our buddy Dirk DeBerk did so, and sent us along the results. Stay tuned until the end to hear a special message from DJ Sloofus to YOU!, the Crantafical CBH Listeners! And remember, the first Video Podcast debuts this Friday! Download the latest episode right here!

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