Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Episode LII - The Obligatory Free Comic Book Day Edition

Remember "Free Comic Book Day?" Remember the joys you found as an adult, as you stepped into the funnybook shop, all wide-eyed and anxious to get your grubby little mitts on the four-color exploits of your favorite science-heroes? And remember how your little face lit up when the man told you the comic was absolutley free! You ran home to your wife, so excited you could barely speak? If any of this sounds familiar, please seek help immediately. Regardless, the Comic Book Haters crew (joined with Cappy, unfortunately) take a look back at FCBD 2006. Some surprises will be heard, especially to those who follow this link.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

To Soar Amongst the Flyers

With the upcoming summer season, the heart of every true dork turns away from all responsibilities, instead favoring a love unspeakable. Yes, it's convention time, and the Comic Book Haters are giving you a chance to triple your investment, without costing you a single penny. You do the math. Regardless, we submit unto our legion of fans this humble flyer, to be printed and distributed at your lesiure. Should you, perhaps, visit a comic book convention within the unknowable future, think back on the years of entertainment they've given you, and print out a flyer or two. If nothing else, use it to reacquaint yourself with Bill Alger's stunning rendition of the Comic Book Robot. Other desirable locations are comic shops, used record stores, brewpubs, church socials, church anti-socials, anti-social church functions, and other varied events. Grab this link, print some out on someone else's dime (at work, as an obvious example), and enjoy a higher quality of life. A "4-up" variation is forthcoming. Or, more likely, fifth- or sixth-coming.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Episode LI - Klaatu Barada Ditko

For their first post-50th episode, the Comic Book Haters turn the tables, intrinsically speaking. The onus is placed firmly upon Schooly G’s shoulders, as he selects a comic near and dear to his heart and places it up for review. Listen in as DJ Sloofus and Professor Umbrellaman ridicule, berate, and otherwise chastise Schooly’s choice. Also, debuting this episode, the first installment of “The Comic Book Haters versus the Zombies,” a radio drama designed to thrill and enthrall all listeners. Stay tuned for it at the end of the regular segment. Be warned; it’s not for the squeamish. Those who aren’t squeamish, or who have a bottle of Pepto-Bismol handy, should wander down this here link.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Second Fiftieth Episode

The Comic Book Haters 50th podcast celebration continues. This time around, the CBH crew takes a look into the far flung past, as well as the distant present. Old friends are reunited in what could possibly be the most shocking revelation ever to be recorded by mankind. It could just as easily NOT be the most shocking revelation ever recorded. Most likely, that's the case. Regardless, the insanities continue in this, their second 50th episode. Gather together with family members and loved ones as the Comic Book Haters welcome you into their fold.
Special thanks to Bouncin' Billy Alger for the over-the-top rendition of Comic Book Robot. Please support Mr. Alger in everything he does, and offer him hugs and kisses should you pass him on the street one day.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Celebration Continues...

Eager listeners, rejoice in all that is splendid! The special 50th episode extravaganza continues tomorrow! Join us for "Fiftieth Episode - Part II," and wear a smile in your heart. It's a very special installment, one that will undoubtedly be talked about for years to come. Surprizes! Twists! Unwanted Guests! It's all here! Expect the unexpected in...."It Came from the Funnybook Dungeon!" Be there, or be square.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Comic Book Haters' Fiftieth Episode

It's finally here: the 50th episode of the world's favorite (and only) comic-book based 'Hating' podcast! Take a walk down memory-loss lane with a couple of guys whose memories have long ago been devastated by tacos, beer, funnybooks and novelty combs. While it's true that relatively none of the following episode is actually geared towards celebration (anniversary or otherwise), don't let that stop you from enjoying the show. And by 'Enjoying,' we mean 'Getting drunk by yourself and listening to.' And by 'listening to,' we mean 'downloading, storing on your hard drive for a few weeks, and ultimately deleting.' Let the fun-funs begin!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Episode XLIX - How to Ruin Friendships and Instigate People

Within the narrow confines of your mind there lies a space. Not an ordinary space, but a brutal, barren and determined space. Within this withered domain rests the one true salvation for all of mankind, for here lies the pregnant seed of future tomorrows. Cast aside all aspersions and negativities, for the Comic Book Haters podcast has once again entered your life. Fill your "mind's asscrack" with the lugubrious sounds of sequential sensibilities. Journey into the face of Haell, young warrior...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Use Your Mind to Figure Things Out

The finest "internet sensation" to filter its way down to our grubby monitors is "Burnout Dad," a whimsical comic strip created by an individual being both born and raised on Earth. The humorous anecdotes each revolve around a father of dubious authority who often engages is preposterous situations alongside his disillusioned son. Be sure to conduct a search for this worthwhile effort, or simply follow the link presented here.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lo, There Shall Come a Shitstorm....

As the countdown to the fiftieth episode of the Comic Book Haters podcast continues, the offices at CBH Central are being flooded with celebratory items. This first piece, done by little Greggy Golembiski, is an updated rendition of the supreme being who started this whole shebang: B.R.O.D.O.K. Seen here, the Black Radical Organism Designed Only for Kickin' it is flanked by his two fellow guardians of goodness, the Comic Book Robot and the one and only Smoldering Cucumber. Only one more episode remains before the fantabulous, fantasmical Fiftieth celebration. Join in on the fun by submitting artwork, spoken words, or any other piece of shit to Be sure to visit gregarious Greg G. at his very own web site. Give the man his own series, already.

Monday, May 01, 2006

CBH Member Wanted for Questioning

The Comic Book Haters will not be broadcasting a new episode this Monday. Unfortunately, one of the cast was apprehended and retained for questioning regarding an illicit incident which took place on or near the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Though the identity of the culprit has not yet been verified, we would like to maintain 'Radio Silence' on the matter until a penalty has been issued. Our hearts go out to you, Schooly G. We sincerely hope the bitch dies before she's able to testify.

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