Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Indie Video Spotlight Season 3 - Episode 2

Hey there, shit-sausages. How's it hanging? Would you like to see what the CBH crew has been up to? You would? Well, howsafuckingbout that? You're in luck, fucktards. The Indie Video Spotlight now includes CBH-Videocity- a patented technique wherein moving pictures will be displayed on your computermachines or video-enabled-iVictrolas. Join the CBH fellas as they peruse an indie book called Arcade of Cruelty. Check it out, won't you? Clicky-clicky here, bucko.

(The file is large and the download might be slower than usual. A streaming version will be available tomorrow for impatient assholes who don't mind waiting an extra day.)

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