Monday, March 26, 2007

Episode XC - Lo the Mighty, Down with Whitey

Today's fast paced world makes it virtually impossible to keep up with the latest happenings within the funnybook community. In fact, it almost seems like no one even cares what happens within it. For the sake of this episode, we're presupposing that you do care, though a background knowledge isn't really neccessary to enjoy the forthcoming proceedings. Virtually nothing will help you enjoy the forthcoming proceedings, actually. Maybe some of those pills that Grandpa keeps up on top of his dresser will help. Click here to hear the latest scoop on the comic industry, all commented upon by a guy who doesn't even like comics. Or so he claims.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Episode LXXXIX- If Flatulence Be the Food of Cappy, Fart On...

Join those lovable drunks the Comic Book Haters as they blunder through another episode of hilarious hijinx(tm). How long can their livers take this? Will this be the episode where cirrhosis finally catches up with Umbrellaman? No, it isn't. But listen in anyway as the boys review Pep #22 and the new Spiderman 3 Trailer. Grab a drink, sit back, click here to download the episode, and be content with the fact that you have never been in the same room as Cappy and his amazing repeating asshole.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Episode LXXXVIII - The Umbrellaman of Steel

For generations, only Comic Book Hater brand podcasts have been synonymous with 'trust.' That's because Comic Book Hater podcasts brewers are the only ones on the market that still value taste, flavor, and a fresh, crisp satisfaction that comes with every listen. Don't settle for big promises and fancy colors; the CBH brand products are the only ones you'll need to help liven up a dull morning. Fasten your fun belts, thrill riders! This one's a non-stop roller coaster into the pits of help itself!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Giant Size CBH #2: Cappy America Calling

Now that Marvel's "Civil War" mega event is over, we can all breath a sigh of relief. Hey, watch it asshole, we're actually monitoring these things. That wasn't the kind of 'relief' we're talking about. Regardless, the Comic Book Haters crew takes a retrospective look at the future of the Marvel universe. Remember, Schooly pretty much hates this shit, so don't expect any intuitive glances or possible realities. It's just a bunch of horsehit, really. Click here to register, even though we all have to be on Iron Man's side now. Fuck shellhead!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Episode LXXXVII- Is That Freedom Rock? Turn It Up, Man!

Hello, true Haters. We're back and comin' right at you with a fistful of fabulous Frank Miller Fury. Join the Haters this week as they talk about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and Frank Miller's 300 and Dark Knight Returns.

As the Umbrellaman always says, "Sit back and enjoy the episode. And bring out the crazy Asian bitches! And not the one you gave me last time- 'love me long time,' my ass! I paid for 30 minutes, that's what I expect!"

Is that the Comic Book Haters? Well, click here and turn it up, man!

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