Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Check Yer Haters Episode Won!

Because of his undying devotion to the Commentary By Haters crew (and, seeing as he was bribed by a stack of sweet, sweet comix), EclipsespilcE took it upon himself to dig up an old episode of The Comic Book Haters podcast, and mess it up.
Relive (or live for the first time, with HEIGHTENED SENSES!) an early episode of the CBH, with badass music in the background, properly mixed audio (smack!) and retarded commentary by yours truly, EclipsespilcE. If you aren't already a fan of the CBH, here's a chance to see WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!!
rated PG-21, for scenes of extreme stupidity and idiocy. Parents strongly cautioned (against breeding).

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

CBH Spring '09: Change!

In honor of our newest president, the Comic Book Haters will be embarking upon a season of Change! for the New Year. Join Schooly G, DJ Sloofus, Umbrellaman, and some surprise guests (from both the past... and future!) in some of the wildest, wackiest, most hilarious Comic Book hi-jinx of all time! Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes, some conveniently delivered in seven-minute doses! Check the Comic Book Haters' s web page often and vigorously. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Episode CLV - At Midnight, the Clock Struck Poon

Hey Ho, Let's Go! You too, slut! It's time for the Comic Book Haters wonderful comic book celebrating podcast, the Comic Book Haters' Podcast! In this listener-requested segment, the CBH crew dissects a volume of Eric Powell's wonderful creation, the Goon! Some members of the crew will love it; some will hate it. Others will just get drunk. Download this digital dilemma right here, dilettantes!

Friday, January 16, 2009

CBH Presents Check Yer Head Comix - Episode Ten

Oh no...I can't believe it. I thought the nightmare was over!
It's time to check yer self. EclipsespilcE comes back like a Tsunami. Don't call it a comeback, I been here for a couple minutes.

If I don't mess you up this time, I'm wasting mine. Don't waste yours for a minute more. Score a fat sak of comix and mind bending music and dialogue in this episode of smack you back.

Don't waste a mo', fo. Get it HERE, yo.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Episode CLIV - Gone Today, Here Tomorrow!

No, this is not the long-awaited return of the Comic Book Haters. No, this is not a two-month reunion special. No, this is none of these things, and more.... this is an unreleased segment of the Comic Book Haters podcast from long, long ago! How long ago, you ask? How does two fucking weeks sound! That's right. It's an oldy and a moldy, as the Comic Book Haters review team cracks open a case of Kerry Drake. Also, a fantabulous new tune titled "Groove Bag," and the debut of 'On the Crapper,' actual comic book reviews from atop an actual toilet, produced by Dr. Gregski. Enjoy the shitstivities, shitfriends!

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Friday, January 09, 2009

CBH Presents Check Yer Head Comix - Episode Nine

Well, folks, It's been an interesting Holiday season. It started out with a nasty little virus that wiped out my HDD. Since episode 9 was obliterated, I just decided to make a little video tour of my studio and comix vault.
I'm no Spielberg, so don't expect Oscar material.

SEE...how my drunk ass lives.
WITNESS...as I stumble around my comix vault, trying not to trip over stacks of comic books
AGONIZE...as you and your co-miserators try to figure out exactly WHAT IS WRONG with me!!
(no comix were harmed in the creation of this video.)

Click here for a visual mindfuck: Linky linky.

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