Thursday, April 24, 2008

Episode CXXXVII- Skrulltastic!

Listen... I don't think I have much time... they're on to me. If you only knew how I had to smuggle this podcast out of those green bastards' lair... I... I'll never walk the same again. But I know how important this is. So, better late than never, right? RIGHT?!?

Just wipe it off a little. It'll be fine. I wouldn't put it on the dinner table 'til you disinfect it, though.

The Resistance, those of us trying to get to the bottom of this fucking mess, is taking this pretty seriously. Within this podcast is a secret message that, if put in the right hands, might bring those slimy green fucks to their knees.

Listen up as Sloofus and Schooly reveal some important Secret Invasion information (there are spoilers here, people!) Those assholes also talk about Cable- I don't know why- don't they realize there's a fucking INVASION GOING ON!!??!

Click here to join the resistance, if you dare, pussy!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Visual Review #1: Rashy Rabbit

To complement the popular 'aural review' segments found on the Comic Book Haters' podcast, these special "Visual Reviews" should add another layer of insight into the CBH mindset. The titles discussed may be found on future CBH (the Comic Book Haters) podcasts.
Rashy Rabbit by Josh Latta
I really, really liked the last issue of Rashy Rabbit. I mean that; it was really good. It wasn't the end-all be-all of indie comics, but it certainly had a strong enough tie to the 'classic' modern-independent era (early 1990s). There was lots to love. This latest issue took me somewhat by surprise. It was, without a doubt, lightyears ahead of its predecessor.
If you're not a fan of hyperbole, take a walk for a few minutes. This comic deserves nothing but the utmost praise and respect. It was truly amazing. The pacing, characterization, dialogue....even the panel structure was superb. This was a Class A comic all the way.
The plot is centered primarily around Rashy Rabbit yet again, an everyman loser who's just trying to get his own. This time, however, several new characters are introduced and given their fair share of the limelight. Again, the artwork is truly fantastic. It's reminiscent of a WWII era Warner Brothers cartoon. Or, at least the comic book versions from the same era.
I think it's safe to assume that Latta will be courted by Hollywood, creating some hip children's cartoon for a trendy studio sooner or later.
This might all come across as sycophantic blabbery, but bare in mind it is one hundred percent sincere. This truly was a great comic; well, well worth the few measly dollars it costs.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Episode CXXXVI- Thar She Blows!

A hump like a snow-hill! It is Sloofus-Dick!

Join the crew as they harpoon Rasl and Marvel's version of the Melville classic, Moby Dick.

There are just SO MANY FUCKING JOKES THAT COULD BE MADE... but I refuse to stoop to that level.


Click here to get the low-down, Holmes.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Episode CXXXV- G.I. Schooly

CODENAME: G.I. Schooly

FILE NAME: Goodfellow, Schoolworth G.



BIRTHPLACE: Dumpster behind Resorts Casino and Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey

GRADE: E-10 (Masturbatory Sergeant)

Join the CBH crew as they take a look at a G.I. Joe comic in a very special episode guaranteed to touch all of your cold, cold hearts.
(Guarantee not guaranteed.)

Please click here to join us, won't you?


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