Sunday, August 27, 2006

Outside the Comic Book Haters' Studio #5: Sam Henderson

Before the Comic Book Haters embark on their three week tour of the Eastwestern Seaboard, they took a few moments to sit down with alternative comics superstar Sam Henderson. Best known for creating the indie sensation "Magic Whistle," Henderson has also written extensively for Spongebob Squarepants, and has been featured regularly in Nickelodeon Magazine and various weekly newspapers. In this conversation, the Haters discuss a number of things, eagerly trying to keep Henderson's attention from wandering. Listen in to see how successful they were.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Episode LXIII - This is Directed at You

This episode, the Comic Book Haters take a dramatic turn against the norm. For the first time ever, the entire episode has been scripted and edited by a group of professionals. Every joke, each sentence; in fact, literally every syllable has been selected based upon its presupposed inclinations towards your personal tastes. To be short: this episode has been tailor-suited to what you, the Listener, looks for most in a Comic Book Haters' podcast. Please remember that, though the 'cast' are not professional actors, your kindest words and warmest regards will be most welcome after the performance. And remember, do NOT reveal the shock ending to any man, woman or child! Click here to obtain a ticket.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Episode LXII - Are You There, Schooly? It's Me, God.

Since time immemorial, eternity has existed. Though listening to other comic book themed podcasts may seem to take an eternity in and of itself, the Comic Book Haters' podcast has devised a way to help you pass time while you're busy sleeping. Simply place your earcepticles into the frontal lobe before lying down at night, and soon you'll be sleeping off countless hours and minutes without even realizing it. 2,001 happy customers have already tried their unproven method for chronal forgetation. Don't be left in the dark! Simply click on the provided link to hear their latest episode. Time will begin to pass without you even realizing it. Even realizing it. Even realizing it. Even realizing. Even.

Friday, August 11, 2006

CBH Gets All Encyclopedic and Shit

In an effort to be more accessible to the hip, 'youth-oriented' market, the Comic Book Haters are now featured prominently on the internet's major faction of information and bullshit, "The Wikipedia people approached us about joining forces," said series Co-Host DJ Sloofus, "and the cash was right, so I figured 'what the hell?'"
Sloofus, who refused to reveal the monetary aspects of the agreement, went on to reveal that he was 'very excited' about the venture, despite the fact that he had "absolutely no idea what a wicketpedier is." Interested parties are instructed to point their internet-things to the Comic Book Haters' wikipedia entry for further proof that the world is, indeed, going to hell in a handbasket.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


The Comic Book Haters' podcast is currently running a 'recruitment drive' for their forum. For a limited time only, every member who signs up and posts a message will receive a special 'Bonus Pal' badge, a Certificate of Membership (not suitable for framing), and a 'Decoder Ring' that translates DJ Sloofus' late night, drunken posts. In addition, new members will experience an inflated sense of importance and a brief moment of euphoric bliss, which is sure to fade by the time their thoughts have moved on to other matters.
To join, simply fill out the membership request form, found at the Comic Book Haters' very own internet forum. After completing, please forward it to Carny, care of some shithole in Texas (we think).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Episode LXI - And Now, the Dopefiend

It's the latest threat plaguing young podcasters all across Britain, and now the infection has spread to America. Dozens of young men and women have fallen prey to the effects of Marihuana, or "Devil's Weed." Users report feeling a brief moment of clouded euphoria, followed by a lifetime of addiction, disorientation, and regret. The Comic Book Haters decide to take a closer look at this troubling new phenomenon, and in so doing are joined by the UK's leading expert on the matter, Dopefiend. Along the way, they'll also take a look at a new zombie comic. Click here to protect yourself, and your family, from this scourge of the lower class.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Episode LX - Bring Me the Head of Sergio Aragones

As the midsummer heat continues to bare down upon our welcoming sweat glands, most of us can't help but think about our sweatier cousins to the south, los Mexicanos. For this special "Heat Scorching" episode, the comic book haters take a look at Mexico's favorite hijo (by way of Spain), Sergio Aragones. Give a quick listen, won't you? It's the least we can do to help out our president's worthwhile "Open Border" project. What the hell was that called, and was it a good or bad idea? Heatstroke might prevent us from offering up an easy answer, but perhaps a click onto our latest podcast will reveal all that you seek.

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