Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Episode CIX - Alas, Poor Schooly, I Knew Him, Umbrellaman

Much like the celebrated buffoons of Shakespeare's time, Obnoxio the Clown helped teach a nation how to laugh again. His modern counterpart, one Schooly G, selects Obnoxio's misbegotten encounter with the Uncanny X-Men as his "Pick of the Week" this go round. In addition to the aforementioned meeting of the mendicants, this episode also features some spicy dialogue, raucous harlotry, and general misbehaving. The extremely independent title "Wasted Minute" is given a second look, one of very few titles to be spotlighted more than once on the Comic Book Haters' podcast. Also, some other shit probably turns up. I guess you'll have to listen in to find out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Schooly Gets Ninged

Schooly G, co-host and resident curmudgeon of the venerable Comic Book Haters podcast, was recently spotlighted in an exclusive Ning interview conducted by Doomsday Thingy's Ryan O'Hara. Conducted earlier this week, the feature was constructed to give an inside look at the man who claims to despise comic books, yet dedicates a good portion of his life creating a podcast devoted to them. Click over now to read this worthwhile chronicle of our modern era.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Episode CVIII - Le Nord Tiennent le premier rôle Le Robinet De Goûts

Le Canada, Oh Canada ! Comment nous aimons entendre parler de vos systèmes sans limites de soins de santé, de votre lumière débordante de Coors, et de vos équipes merveilleuses d'hockey. Comme Américains, nous pleurons constamment à nos formes inférieures de gouvernement, et au fait que Dave Sim ne nous a pas rendu visite pendant beaucoup de mois. Svp, le Canada, nous une faveur et nous enseigner comment aimer encore ? Pour le moins, écoutez le podcast comique de Haters de livre. Ils ont téléchargé leur plus nouvel épisode ; il peut trouver bien ici.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Episode CVII - Back By Popular Disgust

If the Comic Book Haters are talking about the Amazing Spider-Man, that can mean only one thing: Cappy's back! Please listen anyway. Also this episode, a look at the latest issue of Optic Nerve, penned by everyone's favorite darling of the indie scene, Adrian Tomine. All this, plus more listener submissions, hijinx, and general buffoonery. Some more specific buffoonery may be included towards the end. Click here to listen to the episode, before they're all gone! Also, the search for a new forum continues. And by 'continues' we mean 'does not continue.'

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