Friday, August 29, 2008

Coming Soon: More HTV!

This fall, the Comic Book Haters popular video episode series, titled "The Comic Book Haters Indie Video Spotlight," will return. Each episode will feature a full-color visualization of the CBH team reviewing the periodical in question. Titles must fall under a loose "independent" umbrella, which includes basically anything ever printed in the comic book format.
The first season, which ran from spring to summer of 2008, dealt primarily with "character development and recognizability of the situationship between them," according to a press release from series co-creator DJ Sloofus. The exact details are as-yet unreleased, but it is believed another three-episode season will be produced. When approached for comment, Schooly G said, "I wasn't even approached for a comment; why would I give a fuck?" The new season of HTV will begin airing this September on the Comic Book Haters podcast network association.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Episode CXLV - Noir So Good

Brushing aside the vulgar constraints of the illustrated medium for the time being, our stalwart crew of reviewists glance their questioning eyes towards an actual, honest-to-God "word book." A used, trashy copy of an old pulp noir-drug novel, "A Scent of White Poppies," gets the Business Class Suite treatment. What will their well-trained (though rarely groomed) opinions think of this selection? Risking the burden of being appropriated as a "spoilerizen" of the networked community: it's not even about comics, and Schooly still hates it. Don't take our words for it; see for yourself. Download the episode with this link, fellow travellers. Also this episode, the latest installment of our ever-expanding "2 Minute Hate" from YOU! The crabby CBH listeners! Get in on the fun, won't you?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stream it Now!

To celebrate the fact that the proprietors of the Comic Book Haters podcast have just learned how to embed a streaming episode of their podcast, the CBH crew present: their Very First embedded streaming podcast! What better episode to start off with than the very first episode itself? Relieve the glory and wonderment of a bygone age, as Schooly G and DJ Sloofus meet for the very first time. The focus is on a comic from a bygone era: Desolation Jones, #4. Do they still publish Desolation Jones comics? Boy, I sure did love them when I was a kid. The crazy escapades he'd find himself in....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Funnybook Wordbook Review #7: The 10 Cent Plague

While bored in North Carolina recently, I finally finished reading David Hajdu's new account of the comic-book "witch hunt" of the 1950s. All in all, it presented a pretty good overview of the senate subcommittee hearings, the rise and fall of EC, and the events leading up to the decimation of the comic book market. As a history of the genre, it worked really well. If I had one complaint, however, it's that too much time was spent on the 'birth' of the comic book. This isn't really a valid criticism, since the subject matter fit perfectly with the book. However, being a huge fucking nerd, I got a little tired of reading the same old anecdotes and background about MC Gaines and Famous Funnies and all that shit.
As far as history books on comics go, this was one of the best I've read. It didn't dumb down the material; it didn't feel the need to justify itself simply for existing (so many can be boiled down to "we know comics are silly and goofy and all, but in this one Batman says a bad word!"). As an overview of the era, I'd highly recommend it. If you're an asshole like Schooly that hates comics, well, I'd suggest staying away.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The CBH Summer Concert Series #2: The Music of The Comic Book Haters

Hey everybody. This week's episode is a little different. In our second installment of the CBH Summer Concert Series, we've put together a bunch of CBH tunes that we've had cluttering up the Funnybook Dungeon hard drives. Some you might recognize as we've used bits and pieces here and there on the show. Some you've never heard before. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Aquaman is Dead and It's Our Fault
2. If This Be My Destiny
3. The Superfriends Don't Give A Fuck
4. Somers Point Pimpin'
5. This Is The Comic Book Haters
6. Somers Point Pimpin' 2
7. Pop Pop Pop
8. Umbrellamanin' (Instrumental)
9. CBH is in the House
10. You Always Have All the Answers, Green Arrow
11. Back, Ye Minions of Hell
12. (You're) Having My Baby- by Comic Book Robot
13. A Man of Shadow (CBH Theme)

Click here to experience the aural mind-fuck of a lifetime.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Video Episode #3: Instant Viewing Version

CBH Video #3 - Injury Comics #2 from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.

For the pleasure of all who demand instant gratification, we present the third video podcast, in convenient streaming-format (again).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Video Podcast #3: Injury Comics #2

For their third video podcast, the Comic Book Haters crew have thrown out all of the barrels. They've also thrown away all of the sensical expressions, because no one in their right mind would ever discard of a proper barrel. Regardless, the focus this time is on a more conjointive effort; namely, the periodical known as Injury Comics #2. Published by the (allegedly) fine (allegeded) folks at Buenaventura Press, this comic is presented to Schooly G and Umbrellaman for the very first time. They're not comic fans, and they don't read comics. DJ Sloofus is, but will that be enough to persuade these nay-sayers? Witness the startling and honest reactions of these three gentlemen. See the results of a public which has turned its very back on funnybooks..... witness, the Comic Book Haters video podcast. Small, italicized font says that this episode will be available as a streaming Vimeo file later in the week.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

CBH Vimeo Channel in Operation!

The Comic Book Haters have launched their very own channel on Vimeo dot com. Vimeo, much like Youtube, is an internet (tm) based source for videos of self-mutilation and drunken stupors. Fortunately, the CBH crew have managed to combine both categories into one easily-relatable location. To access the entire library of CBH-related videos (including all forthcoming Indie spotlights and commercials) simply visit Future plans include transporting the Cartoon Haters video podcasts, as well. All selections are available for instant viewing, or downloading to share later with friends and loved ones.
Why not bookmark the site for ease of future use? You won't always be this quick and nimble with your fingers, you know. Perhaps your future self would appreciate a readily-available bookmark, which sits just a click away. Furthermore, bookmarking the site might entice future, spontaneous visits. At the very least, it will remove the burden of a long-term memory task, freeing space for other, more important ventures.
P.S. - To celebrate the launching of the channel, we're broadcasting a brand-spanking new Indie Video Spotlight this Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Episode CXLIV - Rejected Pilots #1

As part of their continuing "Summer Flop" series, the Comic Book Haters present a pilot episode for a CBH spinoff that never was. Titled "the Comic Book Laters," the show featured DJ Sloofus, DJ Whip Cream, and Jim DeLicious. The inagural (and sole) episode featured a recap of this summer's Wizardworld: Philadelphia. Both Schooly and Umbrellaman are on vacation this week, so please rejoice in a reconstituted image (carefully chosen at random from our files) and a Schooly-free listening zone. Future video episodes are currently in production, email the CBH podcast crew to submit your indie or small-press title. Small(er) publishers are also submitting, so don't be bashful. Click here for the show that never was...

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