Thursday, July 17, 2008

The CBH Summer Concert Series #1: The Baconstrip Three

The Comic Book Haters are on summer vacation this week! Don't fear, dear subscribers; the fun never stops, even when DJ Sloofus, Schooly and Umbrellaman are out of town! To mix business with treasure, the CBH crew have afforded this space to live musical recordings from members of their continually-static reaching audience. For your haurrible listening pleasure, please donate your earspaces to the live sounds of the Baconstrip 3, Southern New Jersey's finest space-garage combo. This concert is the first in a projected series (though not realistically projected, mind you) and was recorded live at the Grande Fromage in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This evening finds the quartet in a relaxed, melotropic mindset. Though the set is comprised primarily of original material, several standards are also featured, including 'Mack the Knife,' 'You Are So Beautiful,' and 'Tomorrow Never Knows.' Enjoy the show, rabid music fans! Delete, lesser-enthused music fans! If you have a recent recording of your band's performance, please email it to us for a future episode.

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