Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Episode CXXXII- What's a 7-Letter-Word for "Shitty Aardvark?"

Howdy, pardners! Pull yourself up a rock, take a load off your feet from a long day of trail ridin' and enjoy a nice long draught of podcasty goodness. The ol' CBH ranch is serving up a healthy dose of hatin' on Cerebus this week. Mighty fine, if you ask me. Sloofus sure is in love with that shit-eating aardvark and Schooly, well, Ol' Schooly is his hateful self as usual.

But that's not all! After the main course, the CBH serves up a delicious round of goings on around the ranch- y'know, forum news and whatnot and such.

After that, the boys deliver on their listener submission policy and bring to your ears a news submission by Baxter. I think Baxter might a got hisself bit by a rattler or something. I dunno- something sure is going on with that feller.

Click here to take a load off and enjoy, if yer man enough, tenderfoot.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Episode CXXXI - Grendel vs. Palooka

Has it really been almost 100 years since Jules Bradbury and Leonardo Da Picasso created the world's first funnybook? It's probably been much longer than that, but since those two guys are fictional characters, the actual time tables don't really matter too much.
Grendel has been around for almost three decades. Joe Palooka has more than tripled that. If you were to put them in a battle of longevity, Palooka would win by a landslide. Unfortunately, most people judge comics on merits far beyond their mere shelf life, as it were. See what criteria the Comic Book Haters crack review team sets up against these two titles in this, the 131st episode of the Comic Book Haters podcast. Click this link, lest ye be a big old pussy.

CBH in the FBD = BFD!

The Comic Book Haters podcast community is eager to bestow wishes of kindness and good, natural support to the Comic Book Haters podcast itself, as CBH debuts the first episode of "The Funnybook Dungeon." FBD is the latest in a string of web-comics related incidents currently happening across the intersphere. Visually created with care and confidence by Doomsday Thingy's very own Ryan O'Hara, the site promises to parlay delineated adventures of the duo in future installments. Though CBH INCORPORATED, Inc., as well as all its fabricated subsidiaries generally frowns upon such pirated materials, the exact details of their involvement will be kept undisclosed until a futuristic lawsuit, rumored to take place on Bespin City itself. Enjoy the following link to see the inagural departion of what will undoubtedly be "the" webcomic of February-March, 2008.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Episode CXXX - Gentile Leaguery

Back for more disgusting dissertation, oh devourers of deviances? Looking to slurp some succulent sections of sanctified sacrilege? This go-round, the excitment is brought to you in thrillovating Three Dee imaging! What does that mean to you, the listener? Not much, really. It sure did give Umbrellaman a reason to show off some nifty effects, though. Enjoy the imagery, while it retains the current level of atrophation. Accept episode one hundred and thirty, earthizens.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Episode CXXIX - Lucky Acme Freakout!

Though mainstream comics play such a pivotal role in the influence and production of all comics created anywhere ever, at times it behooves us to lay certain waste-scrappings at the gnarled feet of the so-called 'independent' breed. The esteemed creators Chris Ware and Gabrielle Bell get a dose of the old neighborhood-ribbin' in this good-natured, harmless, and legally-sanctionable 'review session.' Bell's "Lucky" is first up, followed by the latest edition of Acme Novelty Library. Both are available from some hoighty-toighty shop on the internet. They probably have cool websites, too. Much better than this shitty-ass blog. But a digression has been made, and must be eradicated. Enjoy the recording from the following link.

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