Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Episode CXIV- Steve Canyon: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Doesn't he look just fabulous? What a rakish tilt that hat has! I swear, his swagger is practically obscene; OBSCENE, I tell you!

Well, he looks like a bit of rough trade to me, I don't mind telling you.

Well, I wouldn't kick him out of my cockpit if the ride gets a little turbulent, if you catch my drift!

You're so bad! I'll bet he's got notches on his belt for every bogey he's ever splashed. And I'll bet he's on his third or fourth belt by now!

You're such a bitch, Schooly. Really!

Join the boys as they discuss some gay-ass olde timey comic strip that Sloofus practically shoots a load all over. It's lame as hell but it's short and free. Join us here, won' t you? Members only, please, if you know what I mean...

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Episode CXIII - My Fate; My Hate!

In a daring attempt to placate hatred fans of all cultural backgrounds, the Comic Book Haters present an episode fortified heavily with both banal mediocrity and purposefully oblique artiste comix. Marvel's 'whitey with a hammer' masterpiece, Thor, is paid his proper venerations. As is the indie (i.e., published tri-yearly) title, Uptight. Can you think of a better way to relax than by shutting down your mind, grabbing an ice cold glass of lemonade, and listening to the latest episode of the Comic Book Haters podcast? If you couldn't think of one right away, it doesn't count. Here's where it all goes down.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Episode CXII - Yesterday Returns...Again!

For this special "Retro Episode" of the Comic Book Haters, a special guest-host is presumably flattered to provide the necessary explanations..

Fake Peter Rios here, gang! Don't worry about impregnating your mother, you haven't traveled back in time! This is a special representation of The Comic Book Haters: Episode One with bonus material by me, Fake Peter Rios! If you've never heard the episode before this is your chance, if you have you'll want to listen to it again to hear all of the things The Haters regret saying. The Comic Book Haters have been around for some unspecified amount of time, unrecorded in history books or on
Wikipedia, now's your chance to discover the podcast that some people are talking about! Fake Peter Rios, signing out!

There you have it. Enjoy this retro-tastic return to a time before clocks! Click on through to the other side..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spotlight on: DJ Sloofus

Many have wondered how Ning member Ryan O'Hara would follow up his critically ignored interview with CBH co-host Schooly G from last month. Rumors abounded that he was working on a religious epic, or perhaps that he'd finally produce that western he was always talking about. Well, wonder no more, for his follow-up project has finally been published: an interview with DJ Sloofus, also of the Comic Book Haters podcast. To read this thrilling, emotional, and somewhat tawdry interview, please click on this supplied link, free of charge.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Episode CXI - Classic Strip Spotlight #1: Smilin' Jack

Is it that time already? Is it time for the Comic Book Haters to celebrate all that is good within the world of funnybooks? You betcha, buddy, and unless you've been stranded on an island with Fat Stuff for the past twenty years, you know that means one thing and one thing only: hijinx and derring-do! Will Schooly G's love of the aviationary arts overcome his disdain for comics? If any strip can warm away the ice walls that surround his heart, it's Zack Mosely's Smilin' Jack. SPOILER WARNING: He hated it. To hear the episode, click right here. Smilin' Jack comics can be ordered from Dave Clark Comics. The Comic Book Haters: the podcast that gives back to old fogeys that made comic strips before you were born. Technically, we really aren't giving them anything.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Episode CX - I.O.Boo

SHOW NOTES: 1. A beer was opened. 2. The Comic Book Haters reviewed Booster Gold #1. 3. Some extremely lame jokes were made. 3. Schooly became belligerent. 4. A song about the Umbrellaman was played. 4. Someone burped. 5. The boys looked at Lewis Trondheim's Mister O and Mister I. 6. Sloofus became inwardly upset that no one liked the comics. 7. Umbrellaman wondered to himself why he was still hanging around with these two idiots. 8. Schooly G suppressed the urge to vomit. 9. Sloofus vomited. 10. Fake Peter Rios returned with another segment of "Ask Fake Peter Rios." 11. The listeners clicked on this link to enjoy the show.

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