Saturday, December 29, 2007

Further Behind the Hatred, Though Not Quite That Far

As a special "Thank You" to all of our supporters, we here at CBHQ are offering up a special value. First off, the Comic Book Haters are giving you something you already have, under the guise of a mid-season "Writer's Strike" rerun presentation. That's right, we're sending out (once again, mind you) the very first CBH Special, "Behind the Hatred." New listeners can finally learn the secret origin of the Haters. Old listeners can use the time to ponder all that has gone wrong in their lives since first hearing this episode, originally broadcasted almost a year ago.
As an added bonus, the Comic Book Haters want to treat each and every one of their fans to a Holiday Surprise. That's right; we're fronting the cash to buy everyone the graphic novel of their choice. Simply print out this page, take it to any participating Comic Book Shop (tm), and exchange it for any graphic novel you'd like! It's our little way of saying "Thanks for doing nothing but listening, you lazy, brainless piece of fucking shit!"
Download the re-presentation of Behind the Hatred right here.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Schooly's Xmas Carol

Merry Christmas everyone! From everyone here at CBHHQ, have a great holiday season!

Click here to hear the riveting ripoff... er... tale of Schooly's Xmas Carol.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

CBH Puts the M in X-Mas

Listen up, lucky listeners! The holiday season is fast upon us, and the Comic Book Haters podcast crew is passing their love on to you. Plenty of links, gifts, and holiday excitement are planned for this joyous occasion. Later this week, CBH Enterprises presents "Schooly's Christmas Carol," a fully-realized audio-entertainment exercise. Joining forces with the powers behind the Dopecast, Bent Corner, Doomsday Thingy and many more, this is guaranteed to be the must-listen podcast event of the season. As such, only the highest expectations will be warranted.
Furthermore, special giveaways are also planned for the near future. Some publisher insisted on sending us a bunch of stuff, so we're passing the crap along to you. Don't worry; it's nothing you really want.
Please stay tuned to the Comic Book Haters' very own blogspot page throughout the week for more information. Favored followers will also find useful the newly-revamped CBH forum.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Cartoon Haters #3 - Betty Boop

As a special Holiday Treat to our legion of fans, the Comic Book Haters will be temporarily transformed, once again, into the Cartoon Haters. Longtime followers will remember that the Cartoon Haters bear a striking resemblance to their similarly-named alter-egos. This go-round, the world's sweetheart, Betty Boop, is placed in the spotlight. It's a video episode, so if your iPod isn't parsed for pictures, purchase a replacement! The holiday hilarity begins here, and will run throughout the month of December. Stay tuned for more Comic Book Haters excitement! Alright, did you get all that? Fine, let's grab some eggnog. You bring the booze.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Episode CXXIV - Wish You Weren't Here

This episode, we're working under the assumption that no one actually reads these blog posts. If you're of the temperament that just wants to listen to the episodes, please stop reading right now. If you actually enjoy the blog posts, feel free to read this sentence as well. You see, writing these entires takes up an inordinate amount of time; time which can be better spent doing other things, such as reading funnybooks. Perhaps shorter entries will please both those who love and loathe these words. Everyone else can simply click this link to hear an episode which features a review of Jeff Smith's "Shazam and the Monster Society of Evil" volume one.

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