Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode C - The Man in the Comic Hater's Mask

At long last, though not lasting too long, the Comic Book Haters resent their 100th episode. What does that mean for you, the listener? More reviews! More arguments! More anecdotes! More headaches, and basically more bullshit to fast forward through. This episode is twice as long as usual, so make sure to set aside a little extra time for your 'listening party' with the rest of the gang. Click here to be part of this momentous occassion.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Cartoon Haters: Episode #2


Once again, the Cartoon Haters plunder the interweb's massive vault of public domain materials as fodder for their particular brand of side-splitting 'edu-tainment.' Cast your memory back, dear children, to a time when we knew our enemy, were defending a noble culture (or two), and weren't afraid to eat meat out of the can. If you can't remember that golden era, just think of World War II instead. They all seem pretty much the same.
Anyone downloading, viewing, listening to, perusing, contemplating, or reminiscing fondly of the following file must abdicate any actions which could result in discomfort of any level towards the proprietors of the Comic Book Haters empire. Thank you for your compliance in this matter.

(Umbrellman isn't afraid of eating meat out of the can, if you know what I mean -Schooly)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Episode XCIX- That 70s Podcast

Wow- 99th episode. And you wasted it on two shitty comics from the 70s? What were you thinking? I hope the comics were at least enjoyable. They weren't? What comics did you review? HULK 181?!?! What the fuck was so special about that one? Oh, it was the one with the Wendigo. Anything else? Wolverine? That dude with the claws, right? What was the other comic? Star Wars! I love Star Wars! Oh- the comic sucks? Why? Yeah, I guess Lucas would have made the comic first if it really was a good idea. It wasn't a good idea, eh?

Well, don't worry, Episode XCIX. I already voted for the Schooly Awards. I checked out a previous post for all the details.

You're great, Episode XCIX! I'm glad we became friends. If anyone else wanted to get to know you, I suppose they could click here to listen in. That would be awesome.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

The Schooly Awards: Solidarity Needed!

Voters, though we appreciate your exuberance and enthusiasm at being made a part of the electoral process, we must insist that some manner of status quo be held. The various 'joke categories' which are currently all the rage are quite entertaining, but please adhere to the popular "cut and paste" method for the official categories themselves. We reproduce here, for your benefit, the standardized ballot which should be presented to your email client. In no way is this message an endorsement for any particular candidate or nominee, and this missive should not be seen as partial to any degree. Please feel free to distribute this as neccessary.

The 2007 Schooly Awards

Worst Single Issue
Worst New Series
Worst Continuing Series
Worst Original Graphic Novel or Trade Paperback
Worst Writer

Worst Artist (Penciller or inker)
Worst Zombie Comic
Worst Hero
Worst Villain
Schooly G's Favorite Comic of the Year (Only Schooly may vote for this one)
The Comic Book Hater's Shit-Stained Hall of Shame 2007

Email your vote to

Thank you, and a sincere congratulatory word is wished upon all those involved.

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