Sunday, August 10, 2008

CBH Vimeo Channel in Operation!

The Comic Book Haters have launched their very own channel on Vimeo dot com. Vimeo, much like Youtube, is an internet (tm) based source for videos of self-mutilation and drunken stupors. Fortunately, the CBH crew have managed to combine both categories into one easily-relatable location. To access the entire library of CBH-related videos (including all forthcoming Indie spotlights and commercials) simply visit Future plans include transporting the Cartoon Haters video podcasts, as well. All selections are available for instant viewing, or downloading to share later with friends and loved ones.
Why not bookmark the site for ease of future use? You won't always be this quick and nimble with your fingers, you know. Perhaps your future self would appreciate a readily-available bookmark, which sits just a click away. Furthermore, bookmarking the site might entice future, spontaneous visits. At the very least, it will remove the burden of a long-term memory task, freeing space for other, more important ventures.
P.S. - To celebrate the launching of the channel, we're broadcasting a brand-spanking new Indie Video Spotlight this Tuesday!


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