Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CBH in the FBD = BFD!

The Comic Book Haters podcast community is eager to bestow wishes of kindness and good, natural support to the Comic Book Haters podcast itself, as CBH debuts the first episode of "The Funnybook Dungeon." FBD is the latest in a string of web-comics related incidents currently happening across the intersphere. Visually created with care and confidence by Doomsday Thingy's very own Ryan O'Hara, the site promises to parlay delineated adventures of the duo in future installments. Though CBH INCORPORATED, Inc., as well as all its fabricated subsidiaries generally frowns upon such pirated materials, the exact details of their involvement will be kept undisclosed until a futuristic lawsuit, rumored to take place on Bespin City itself. Enjoy the following link to see the inagural departion of what will undoubtedly be "the" webcomic of February-March, 2008.


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