Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Episode LXXXVI - Schoolyesque

Stand Erect, Errant Individuals! Jack “King” Kirby is given the royal treatment as the brave bastions of banality, Schooly G and Sloofus, take a thrilling look at the Forever People number two! One of the cohosts loved it; the other hated it. Can you figure out the shocking twist before we reveal it? Whatever you do, don’t dare reveal the climax to your friends, neighbors, or Aunt Bessina! Also this episode, a guest appearance from your friendly, neighborhood Umbrellaman! Accept no imitators in this, the Comic Book Haters’ Era of Podcasting! What are you waiting for? Download this episode, Fradulent Follower!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Episode LXXXVb- Bootleg!

In this unofficial recording made in the CBH Funnybook Dungeon, the boys spotlight Salt Peter Press. Join the fun by clicking here. Or don't click there, and you will never know the overflowing love and joy that only the Comic Book Haters bring to mankind.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Episode LXXXVa- Home Is Where the Fart Is

Sometimes, you just want to have your cake and eat it, too. In this riveting installment of the Comic Book Haters award-winning podcast*, the boys take a look at DC and Marvel. Can you believe it? When will this mad, whirlwind-existence ever end?

Join in on the laffs(TM) as the crew "read"the newest issues of Action Comics Annual and Astonishing X-men.
Click here to feel loved and one with the universe.

*The Cappy's Choice Award

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Episode LXXXIV - Haters Against Heroes

Even Haters must make time to love. In this very special episode, the Comic Book Haters join together to help stomp out world hunger, as they take a look at a comic that dared to make a difference. Heroes Against Hunger #1 is reviewed, leaving all in attendance wondering why a second issue was never published. Quite possibly it's because the entire endeavor was a pandering pile of dog shit. Click here to download the episode, and then please donate some money to these hungry little tykes.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Episode LXXXIII - Sloofless

Somewhere in the vast realms of the Funnybook Nation, a nerd wanders alone. Ever searching for the greatest comic book ever created, he will continue on his quest for eternity, if need be. What does this pretentious nonsense mean to you, the listener? Basically that Sloofus is not in this episode. He most assuredly won't be missed. During Sloofus' absence, the remaining CBH podcast crew engage their wits in a mighty battle of 20 Questions. Yes, apparently this is really what passes for 'entertainment' these days. Click here for the latest episode.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Episode LXXXII- Warren Ellis and CBH Reunited! (And it feels soooo good!)

Join in the fun as your favorite Comic Book Hating Crew is back in action!

This is the real deal, folks. You've tried other podcasts. Some disgusted you; others may have made you feel like you were suffering an anal fissure in a swimming pool full of salt water. The Comic Book Haters Podcast Episode 82 is guaranteed to leave you sated, but begging for more!

Join the crew as they have a touching reunion with an old friend. Also, they review two shit-rags called Thunderbolts and New Universals. Meh. This podcast is free, so don't complain.
Click here to get it while it's hot.

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