Friday, January 04, 2008

Episode CXXV - New Years and Old Tears

With a new year now upon us, let us rejoice in all that did not go wrong in the morbidly remembered 2007. Schooly, though his heart might disagree, found no comics to love throughout that year. One simply cannot fathom the paradoxical implications which could result from such an action. Neither, last year, did Umbrellaman refuse any Yuengling offered to him. Lest ye think that not a mighty task, be forewarned: Umbrellaman was offered A Lot of Yuengling last year. Had he passed on even one bottle of the robust acquired taste of the lager, the actual multiplex might have come crashing down. As for DJ Sloofus, well, the less said, the better. Click here to enjoy their latest reviews, along with a special guest-segment by none other than Doctor Gregski of the Comic Book Haters forum. See what you're missing out on?


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