Monday, January 14, 2008

Episode CXXVI - The Wind Between Our Cheeks

What do Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book and the minicomic Tales to Demolish have in common? Not much, really, but they are both being 'reviewed' on this week's episode of the Comic Book Haters. Also this week, listen in for details about how you, the listener, can obtain a FREE copy of Matthew Reilly's latest thrillscraper, The Six Stones. It's a word book, so comic fans might want to pass on it. Anyway, the publisher sent us a boxful, and instructed us to disperse them amongst our listeners, so send us an email if you want a copy. No strings attached! There really isn't much more to say about this particular episode, other than a big Thank You to everyone who has sent in comics, minicomics, and word books. We promise, we will review each and every one. These things take time! You can listen in simply by clicking this link. By the way, "Thrillscraper" and any related anagrams are copyright 2008 CBH Enterprises, Inc.


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