Friday, June 27, 2008

Video Commercial #2: Skip if Necessary

In an overbloated attempt to "rustle up" some pre-publicity for their upcoming video-episode debut, the Comic Book Haters have unleashed a virtual landslide of promotional materials. In addition to the various bumper-stickers, handbills, and curley-queues which are permeating the Atlantic City area, a brand-new video commercial has also been created. Though the actual debut of the full-length video episode is still a week away (debuting on July Fourth, giving that once noble holiday yet another reason to be celebrated), a special promo video will be aired today. This commercial is provided on a limited-time basis, as a nuclear holocaust, Asian-borne epidemic, or collapsed financial economy is bound to render all of this silliness obsolete. Click here to download the commercial! Please note: the file is designed to play in iTunes, or on any video ipod. It also works in a bunch of other shit.


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