Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Episode CXXXIII - Pavlov and Dobbes

This time, the Comic Book Haters branded comic book review podcast (tm, c, llc, lsd) takes a look at a true underdog. Fer Rule Comix is currently the hippest comic on the shelves, despite the fact that it isn't really available on many shelves. One thing's for sure, featuring a title this obscure should make us all hip and shit, like those Canadian comic book podcasts.
In addition to a look at an obscure, marginally-distributed mini comic, the CBH crew also explores a virtually unheard-of webcomic. Bare in mind, this particular classification is based on the fact that, in the grand scheme of things, most people have never heard of any web comics. Well, if you're still reading this, you might as well click here to download the episode.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got that prick Schooly to laugh so that's fucking worth it.

Thanks for the review guys. I think I sent you numbers 1-12, there are 4 more out there to date.

- Joe, Ferrule Comics

ps - you should've been drinking when you read it; they're way funnier when you've been drinking (that's how I makes 'em, anyway)

3/11/2008 09:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we were probably drinking. At the very least, I was a little h-g-i-h.

3/12/2008 05:50:00 AM  
Blogger Ryan O'Hara said...

Hey, Joe. You should sign up for the CBH Forum.


3/14/2008 01:38:00 PM  
Blogger stoopidcomix said...

I would but your gay board won't send me a verification email.

Keep that thread about me going though.

3/19/2008 01:31:00 PM  
Blogger Mark Tatulli said...

You guys got it right! Thank you! While Bill Watterson had left the last CALVIN AND HOBBES strip hanging, creating a strip the seemed to indicate that the world lived on, for the rest of us it really was a death. It was over. When I did this LIO strip I was taking it to the next step...in essence, CALVIN was dead. Which is why I took great pains to recreate the environment that he was last seen in. And within the context of my strip, it was the scene we all never saw... how CALVIN really ended up. Dead and not continuing, despite what Mr. Watterson suggested by his last strip. Yes, it was dark, especially relative to other strips that surround LIO, but it was truth. CALVIN is dead and we are all sad, but maybe LIO can still find some use for that taboggan.

Thanks for your insight!

Mark Tatulli

3/22/2008 02:19:00 AM  
Blogger The Comic Book Haters said...

Hey Mark:
Sorry people were giving you shit over that comic. It's great; you'd think people within the comic book/strip industry could have a laugh every now and then.

3/24/2008 11:05:00 AM  

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