Thursday, March 06, 2008

Baxter's News: Episode I

The Comic Book Haters spoke, and you, the listeners, listened. Perhaps that is what listeners do best, after all. Nonetheless, when the CBH crew sent out the call for an on-site reporter to parlay the latest happenings in the funnybook world, our offices were swamped with submissions. If you can believe that this was the best one, you certainly wouldn't be interested in hearing the others. Good old Baxter came through, though, and here we present his first full episode, complete with a nifty little opening tune. Please, at this time, we would like to remind the audience that the CBH comic-book podcast is provided free of charge. Just keep that in mind as you access this link to the episode. Unless we hear from over one hundred dissatisfied listeners, Baxter's reports will continue.


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