Friday, July 20, 2007

Outside the Comic Book Haters Studio IX - Chris Wisnia

The Comic Book Haters are proud to venture outside of their own domain and into the realm of one Chris Wisnia. The indie-sensation, best known as the creator of Dr. DeBunko and Doris Danger, engages himself in a conversation about old monster comics, self-publishing, and the afterlife. Wisnia's dead-on recreations of the classic Atlas horror comics of the 1950s are essential reading for anyone interested in the genre. Perhaps 'recreations' isn't quite the proper term, as the stories Wisnia creates, though visually similar to the source material, maintain a sensibility all of their own. Join us in this chat, won't you? He might not be quite as popular as some of the cartoonists who draw stories about getting dumped or feeling a bit 'blue,' but Wisnia is A-OK in Comic Book Hater land.


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