Thursday, December 15, 2005

Episode XV - Has Anyone Here Seen My Cappy?

The focus is on Schooly G in this very special episode of the Comic Book Haters podcast. Though an avid anti-comic book enthusiast, a soft spot remains in his heart for the sequential exploits of men in uniform. The original G.I. Joe series from Marvel has been universally panned by school children across the land, yet Schooly maintains they are worthy of our attention. In this riveting discussion, the merits and pratfalls of the series are discussed.

Also, everyone's favorite guest-star Cappy returns for a look back at some great moments in comic book history. Crank up the speakers and shoo away the young'uns, because it's time for another episode of the Comic Book Haters.


Anonymous Rick Super-Fan #1 said...

Best. Show. Ever.

I also learned a lot. Umbrella Man was his usual great self. I must admit, Cappy really wasn't too bad. He didn't suck as much as he usually does. Don't get me wrong. Cappy still sucks. Just not as much as he normally does. I guess spending all that time at the local public library with Schooly G is rubbing off on Cappy. At least slightly. Cappy still sucks though.

Super-Fan #1

P.S. I just wanted to make it clear that Cappy still sucks.

12/17/2005 07:31:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Comic Book Haters
Okay. Listening to episode 1 now. What really impresses me is that
guys had the competence to actually get this on the web. Now, as to
question of having the desire to fight while on psychedelic drugs, let
tell you about the time I took a trip on which I had a proclivity for
kicking someone's ass. I was about two hours in and was about half
into what is referred to by those in the know as the peak stage. For
not in the know this is what I'll refer to as the funny book stage.
you there was nothing funny about this. I'm sure you can relate to
shit not
being funny, Comic Book Haters.
So there I was, wandering about campus tripping my ass off with my
companion Slade Washington when we ran into this grotesque specimen of
human (I think) by the name of Bryce. This guy didn't even go to the
University. He just wandered onto campus and as it turned out he was
tripping hard, but was taking a horribly alternate path to what eastern
mystics have termed liberation. The pleasant Warner Brothers aspect of
everything was drastically altered almost immediately into a ghoulish
of the Living Dead style scenario where everyone was out to fucking get
Before saying much at all the bastardly Bryce took us down a road of
paranoia and dread familiar to all who have had a bad trip.
He had this Freudian tack where everyone was harboring malicious
towards everyone else and only a thin membrane of civilization was
us all from killing each other. I'd just gotten through Freud's
Civilization and its Discontents, inspired by the first World War, and
fully convinced of its veracity by Bryce. But Bryce's angle was that
civilization had completely broken down and the shit was now hitting
fan. All the pent-up aggression was bursting forth and the only option
was to also release ours. It was kill and be killed.
After struggling to escape from the web-of-everyone-and-everything,
what seemed like an eternity waiting, cursing, praying for the
razor-blade-fang spider-creator/destroyer of the universe to finally
and consume us, we were finally compelled by Bryce to take our stand.
going through a narrow tunnel under the train tracks we grabbed the
Bryce, revealer of horrible truths, and kicked his fucking ass.
someone up while on acid, especially if it happens to be Bryce, is the
exhillarating thrill ride imaginable. We left him as a gooey, pulpy
which seemed to expand and fill the entire tunnel. As we emerged from
dungeon of despair we were greeted by a world of Comic earthly
complete with Warner Brothers style classical music emanating from the
spheres, where all evil had been vanquished. The disintegration of
civilization was no longer a problem because civilization was no longer
necessary. The exessive stockpile of humanity's aggression had been
exhausted. The devil had been defeated. I highly recommend a good
psychedelic fight-for-your-life to anyone even remotely interested.
truest cathartic experience ever.
Yours truly,

12/18/2005 07:51:00 PM  
Blogger The Comic Book Haters said...

holy fuck, that was rambling and barely coherent. Throw another 'rock on the fire, keep on smokin', and thanks for listening.

- Schooly

12/19/2005 12:13:00 AM  

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