Monday, April 23, 2007

Episode XCV - Nobody Puts Schooly in the Corner

Rejoice, fellow haters! Schooly G has returned triumphant, and has the stitches and razor burns to prove it. Join him as he reunites with old pals DJ Sloofus, Umbrellaman, and you, dear listener. The trio of troglodytes takes a brash look at Josh Latta's latest mini comic, "Rashy Rabbit." Also on the chopping block is a listener-submitted topic, 'The Many Loves of Spider-Woman.' Finally, the episode features a recap of last week's Toronto Comic-Con by forum member Stiltfan. Those who avoid spoilers are asked to eradicate the previous five sentences, or forever wallow in a puddle of misspent adulthood. Click here to obtain access to this most holiest of holies.

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Blogger Schooly said...

Hey fuckers! I'm back. I'm surprised at how much I didn't miss the show.

4/23/2007 09:54:00 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

Did I head DJ Sloofus correctly? Did he say he wanted to smoke Yoda's pole?

4/24/2007 01:06:00 PM  
Blogger Schooly said...

We at CBH HQ have known for awhile that Sloofus is a Yodasexual. It's no big deal.

If Mark Hamill can lead a successful life with this issue, why not Sloofus?

4/24/2007 04:50:00 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

"Did I head" was supposed to read, "Did I hear". That's what I get for posting at work....

4/24/2007 04:58:00 PM  

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