Monday, March 20, 2006

Schooly G to Leave CBH for Pulpier Pastures?

INTERNET, Atlantic City - Schooly G, one half of the venerable "Comic Book Haters" podcast, has recently been elevated to B-List celebrity status. G will be featured in an upcoming issue of Image Comics' popular "Bomb Queen" series, currently solicited in this month's PREVIEWS catalog.

In BOMB QUEEN #4, G portrays 'Angry Thug #3,' a role he claims was tailor made for his particular talents. "I've been turning down a lot of offers, just waiting around for the 'right' series," admits the usually taciturn Schooly G. "I read a lot of scripts, but nothing really stuck out too much. This character, though, really spoke to me."

So how will this affect the future of the Comic Book Haters? According to G, he doesn't have any plans to leave the podcast. At least, not yet: "I've got some ideas for the title which I'm going to run by [Bomb Queen Creator] Jimmy Robinson. Quite frankly, the character has gotten a little stale, so I'm hoping I can liven things up a bit."

According to CBH co-host DJ Sloofus, the rose-colored glasses may not be giving off quite the correct hue. "Fuck him," he revealed, "As a matter of fact, lots of people have been getting sick of him around CBH central. Plus, once we find Cappy (if he's still alive), we won't even need Schooly anymore. I think I might also give MC Trekkie a call."

Interested parties can pre-order Bomb Queen #4 from their local funnybook shop, or through the Discount Comic Book Service. Visit series creator Jimmy Robinson at this address.


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