Thursday, January 05, 2006

Episode XXI - The Empire Strikes Crap

It is a dark time for the Comic Book Haters empire. Good Carny Folk remains at large, Warren Ellis has announced a new series, and Cappy is out of his coma. Regardless, there are some brave rebels who are determined to stem the tide against the evil Matt S. and his minions. Led by the brave Schooly G, the forces remain vigilant as DJ Sloofus trains under the Jedi Master, Umbrellaman, at his hidden refuge at Taco Bell.

Many Bothan spies died acquiring this podcast. Don't let their death be in vain.

Also in this episode, the first installment of the long-rumored "Cappy's Corner," as well as our first 'Listener Submission,' this time courtesy of Liam Savage.


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