Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Meek Comic Geek-Speak's Freaks Piqued; CBH Seeks Latest Leaks

The Comic Book Haters, never strangers to a controversey, have been 'stirring the pot' without even uttering a single sentence. A recent thread on the Comic Geek Speak podcast's website has caused quite a brouhaha, resulting in some angry words emanating from both sides. The thread was originally started by a listener of both podcasts, but petty differences and elitist attitudes quickly escalated the incident into a near-fatal confrontation. CBH mainstay DJ Sloofus later entered the fray, defending his name against accusations thrown about by emoticon-advocate 'Matt S.'

"I enjoy both podcasts: the CGS guys' and our own," said renowned Comic Book Hater DJ Sloofus. "It was nice of that guy to start the thread, but as usual some dickheads had to go and ruin it," he added. For those unfamiliar with the Comic Geek Speak podcast, it can be described as your typical comic review and interview 'cast, focusing primarily on mainstream and 'ground level' indepenents.

"I like their show, and look forward to each episode," mentioned Sloofus, "but it seems like some of their fans are total dickheads." Schooly G was unavailable for comment at press time.

Interested CBH historians can find the thread by clicking on this link. Please forward any late-breaking information to the Comic Book Haters home offices at


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