Monday, October 20, 2008

CBH Break Through with Mega-Special Spectacularcity

INTERNET, USA: Shitsville, NJ. The Comic Book Haters Partnership Organization Group announced earlier this evening that it would soon be offering up a new, exciting form of podcast interactionship. Yet another 'special' will see distrubution to honor an unknown landmark. "It's a real treat," said a member of the inner board. When asked about the veracity of the situation, he later replied "I can honestly say, these boys have blown away all the stops for this one. I mean it. Really. Stop laughing."
Though the exact nature of the project remains unknown, even by the producers, a few facts have surfaced. First, the next episode marks the crew's 150th endeavor. "That's not really true," remarked Frank Firtzoff, noted CBH historian. "When you add up all the interviews, side projects, and all that type shit, it's probably closer to 200. Hey, stop laughing!"


Anonymous Poon Knight said...

Alright already! Where is this turdblossom of a masterpiece? Fuck Schooly G!!!!!!!

10/21/2008 01:26:00 AM  

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