Saturday, November 26, 2005

Crappy Chappy "Cappy" Makes Fans Unhappy

A virtual torrent of backlash has been foisted upon the CBH offices since the introduction of controversial new character "Cappy." Cappy's debut on Friday led to an instantaneous influx of hate-fueled missives, each more venemous than the last. Listener Bill A. writes in, saying:

Great podcast, but why mess with perfection?Introducing Cappy seems a little like "Siskel & Ebert" adding Roeper before Siskel dies. Or maybe it's like INXS adding another lead singer before Michael Hutchence performs fatal auto erotic asphyxiation.There's a delicate balance to the "comic book haters" biosphere that I fear is being compromised by foreign, if well meaning, contaminates.

On behalf of all our listeners who have supported us on our long struggle to the bottom (from the lower bottom), we'd like to issue an apology. Truly, we were all reminded of our own mortality on this day.


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